Beginning today God Likes You and Neo-Reformation have merged together into one new blog: Trinity and Humanity.

Jonathan and I have been publishing The Adopted Life together and blogging separately for well over a year now and we are both beginning to feel the pressure of trying to put out a monthly newsletter and keep up with our blogs – plus pastoring our churches and all the other ministry stuff we do!

God Likes You will continue to exist as a resource and archive of the last 15 months of blogging but I won’t be updating with new posts here, I’ll be joining with Jonathan to put our effort into the new blog.

I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation with all of you at Trinity and Humanity!

P.S. If you subscribed by email or reader to God Likes You you’ll want to subscribe to the new blog as well – your subscription won’t be automatically transferred.


5 Responses to Merger

  1. Mike says:

    Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

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    • tjbrassell says:

      Hey Mike! Thanks for the uplifting comment! Glad you stopped by! Be sure and share this site with anyone who could use a little education in the Good News! Peace and Blessings!

  2. Hi! I stumbled unto your website after reading an attack on an old-fashioned hell-and-damnation tract. I have begun writing ‘tracts for 2010’ as I too am tired of the unloving approaches of most tracts, their unattractive exterior and rigid, dogmatic messages within. I LOVE your approach: we do not choose Jesus, He allows us into the Heavenly Godhead. Yes! So much of evangelicalism’s approach has been man-centred rather than God-centered. I wonder if you would like to evaluate some of my tracts? I would be grateful for your opinion. I would be glad to send you them if you will give me your address.

    • tjbrassell says:

      Hello Vicki! Thanks for writing after stumbling on to the site! You are interpreting things on this site correctly as we seek to be Christ-centered and God the Trinity-centered rather than man-centered. I would be happy to evaluate some of your tracts and am honored to be considered as one to do so. If you mean e-mail address, try me at If you mean mailing address, try Timothy Brassell, PO Box 6220, Portsmouth, Virginia 23703. Be sure to keep up with our new blogs at, and .

      Peace and Blessings to You in Jesus, and I look forward to communicating with you more!

  3. Hi Tim,

    Oh dear, I never looked back to see if you’d responded. I’m not very good at checking out blogs, but depend mostly on emails. I will be sending you a packet of my tracts tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

    God bless you! Vicki

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