The Good News of Mankind’s Inclusion in God…


…the Father, Son and Spirit…is SPREADING!!! Check out this blogpost from Steve McVey of Grace Walk Ministries that was sent to me by a good friend. In this blogpost, Steve is RIGHT ON with the Good News of Humanity’s Adoption and Inclusion into the Life of the Triune God.

Those of us in the Worldwide Church of God should find this especially encouraging at this time in our fellowship where the Holy Spirit continues to educate and clarify for us Who Jesus is in His relationship with His Father, the Spirit, Humanity and Creation! We are ALL definitely INCLUDED!

We really are in a Golden Age, or Neo-Reformation, of some grand and radical type that will “thrill the socks off” of a people in the world that desperately need and want to know they are included – in and apart from anything they do – good or bad! I can imagine they would especially be more open to it when their economical worlds are falling apart, and there doesn’t appear to be much hope in anything or anyone else!

Here is a copy of Steve’s Post:

It may be that the greatest single misunderstanding about the nature of salvation is the teaching that its essence revolves around a person accepting Christ into his life. “Won’t you accept Christ into your life?” unbelievers are so often asked. The idea that Christ wants to come into our lives is almost universally taught in most evangelical and charismatic churches.

“What’s wrong with that?” you might wonder. “Doesn’t He want to come into a person’s life?” The startling answer if we really take biblical teaching seriously is “no.” Salvation isn’t about us accepting Him into our lives. Instead, the gospel is the proclamation that Jesus Christ accepts you into His life.” “You did not choose me, but I have chosen you,” Jesus told His disciples.

The flesh loves to cling to the notion that we cast our vote for Jesus at salvation and that He then moved in and has been thankful to us ever since. The essence of salvation isn’t that you accept God, but that God has accepted you. Think about it – this triune God who has enjoyed eternal intimacy within the Godhead has brought us into the inner circle! He has accepted us in the Beloved!

Apart from Him, we have no life in which He could possibly dwell. In our co-crucifixion with Jesus, our old self was crucified with Him in order that the source of sin might be destroyed. See Romans 6:6. You have been crucified with Christ and you no longer live. (See Galatians 2:20) Now Christ is your life and in Him you find your very existence. See Colossians 3:4 and Acts 17:28.

Christ in your life? Not a chance. We have entered into His life and now share in the koinonia of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When we were God-hating, self-centered, blind-as-a-bat and dead-as-a-doornail sinners, Christ died for us. See Romans 5:8. By His grace and through His finished work on the cross, the eternal God has brought us into the eternal lovefest. We weren’t seeking God. Let’s not flatter ourselves. Nobody seeks Him, not one of us. (See Romans 3:11) But he clothed Himself in the garment of humanity and came here to bring us home, where we belong. He came to seek and to save us while we were lost. See Luke 19:10 .

He chose you. He came for you. He died to reconcile you to Himself. He raised you from a walking death. He made you alive and has seated you at the right hand of the Father, squarely situated in the middle of the eternal party that will never end. Only one response fits such a reality – Hallelujah!


5 Responses to The Good News of Mankind’s Inclusion in God…

  1. wellwateredgarden says:

    Mother Theresa said, “Ask not of God to come alongside of you, you may be in the wrong. Ask rather for permission to come alongside of God who is never wrong.”

  2. tjbrassell says:

    wellwateredgarden – thanks for your participation on this blog. Mother Teresa is one of my favorite people, and I have read many of her writings. She has actually been of great help to me in seeing the inclusion of all people in the Life of Christ!

    The words you quoted from Mother Teresa are certainly right and appropriate in the context in which they were spoken! The Triune God Who is with all of mankind is to be trusted, and we are not to lean to our own understanding about what is best as we live in this life alongside him in Jesus!

    Thank Jesus He shares Himself with us in a such a way that he will never let us go, even if we make bad decisions!

  3. Boyd Merriman says:

    Thanks for reminding us and giving us the link to Grace Walk Ministries to read that article. It is not about us, it’s all about God, about Christ. He moved first, for we did not ask him to become human, or to live or die for us. We did not ask him to raise from the dead or to ascend up to the Father. So why do we think we have a part in our salvation? He did it all without our permission or input or opinion.

    I argue with those who do not believe in inclusion that it is impossible for us to come to the Father without Christ, and we cannot come to Christ without the Father drawing us to him. So we are stuck until the Father and Son moves first. If we think the world is not included, then why in the name of common sense are we out there telling them about God? If God is not including them, then why bother?


  4. John Geerlings says:

    Hi Tim
    Well into the book “Incarnation” a new release by T F. Torrance. It is full of delightful nuggets provoking thought on Father, Son and Holy Spirit. One of these is apprehension and comprehension. God never intended for me to comprehend Him, just too dimly apprehend who He is and who I am. Yet, many times I write from my own accredited scholarly comprehension that will always dynamite my relationship with others as I step on and over where they find themselves in their distinctive relationship with God. This comprehension kills relationship, while apprehension opens the door for community love of humanities inclusion and adoption into the very heart of God. Do I comprehend Romans 6:10&11? No! But I can dimly apprehend it, not just for me but for all humanity. Thanks for sharing what Steve had to say! jg

  5. John Geerlings says:

    Stumbling over my language, not unusual, it is apprehend and comprehend that I am talking about. jg

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