Stop Worrying! Jesus is Having Faith For You!


I have been thinking about faith lately. I have also been thinking about how I believe most people misunderstand the subject and suffer needlessly. Maybe you are one of them. Most of us are so trained in thinking in an individual way that it becomes very difficult to rest in Jesus’ faith on our behalf! Yes, you heard me correctly! Jesus Christ is having perfect faith FOR you before the Father!

The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is not asking you to produce the perfect faith that he “demands”, and at this point it would be very wise for you to remember that you have a corrupt and sinful nature! This means that whatever “faith” you have is also sinful and corrupt – including your faith in God! If we are really honest with ourselves, all of us are really no better than the man mentioned in Mark 9:24, who said to Jesus, “I believe; help my unbelief!” 

And that is where Jesus, the God/Man, stepped in and saved the day for each of us!

I think most people (perhaps even you!) suffer needlessly because they are actually having faith in their own faith rather than having faith in God’s faith for us! Let’s face it, our personal faith, because of sin is admittedly weak! After all, how can something sinful and corrupt (YOU and your faith), offer a faith to a perfect God that is sinless and uncorrupt?! At best, your personal faith in God is like a roller-coaster; up one minute and down the next! I have been there and done that, and I hate the T-shirt, too!!

Now don’t get me wrong! In one sense, part of the reason you have weak faith in God the Father, Son and Spirit is that you also have STRONG faith in something else! No person anywhere REALLY lacks faith! We either have faith in the Truth or faith in a lie, but we definitely have faith and belief in something, usually VERY STRONGLY!!

The kind of faith that the Father, Son and Spirit urges us to have in Him is like the faith my young daughter exercised one day when she asked me if she could mow the grass. She was way too young and uncoordinated to get on the lawn tractor and mow safely, but she desperately wanted to share in MY mowing of the grass. So, what did I do? You guessed it! I lifted her up into my lap and let her “mow the grass”. She “turned the key” (yeh, right!). She “turned the wheel” (on top of my hands.) She “accelerated” (by placing her little feet on my shins and banging them up pretty good!)  She also bragged afterwards about how she “mowed the grass” that day!

Do you get the point??? My daughter actually did NOTHING that day, EXCEPT share in my mowing of the grass!! In fact, the truth be told, other than the love and bonding between us, she was more of a hindrance and safety hazard in mowing the grass that day! I literally did EVERYTHING! I shared my mowing of the grass with her! I shared my ability to mow the grass with her!! I also shared MY FAITH with her! Between the two of us, I was the only one who knew how to mow the grass in confidence and assurance, and she got to participate in my confident assurance – MY FAITH!! She placed her faith IN ME!

That’s biblical faith!!! We are supposed to have faith IN JESUS! In other words, we are supposed to have faith in his faith, just like my daughter actually had faith in my faith! She wasn’t worried about a thing while I mowed, but was having loads of fun! 

You and I could never work up enough faith to trust and embrace the Father, Son and Spirit – not in our sinful flesh! It’s too much of a strain and burden to bear on our sinful humanity! Many of us are burnt out on faith because our faith is misplaced! We are trying to have faith in our own faith. But the problem is that our faith is so small and corrupt that it, honestly, can NEVER really hold up to the “faith challenges” it is presented with!!

We are supposed to be trusting the fact that Jesus is standing in for us! We are not only supposed to be trusting that Jesus only stood in for us (past tense), BUT, that Jesus is STILL standing in for us, and is having faith FOR US, FOR YOU, FOR ME, RIGHT NOW!! That’s what you and I are supposed to be embracing and having faith in!

This is why faith in God’s Good News of grace is called a GIFT (Ep 2:8!). This is why Paul said we don’t have to worry about anything – Phillipians 4:6 – that includes our faith!, This is also why the Apostle Paul wrote what he did in Gal 2:19-20:  

“For through the law I died to the law, so that I might live to God. I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”

Do you see? We live by the faith OF the Son of God – Jesus! He is having perfect faith for you and I before the Father! So be at rest and “chill”! Have your doubts, anxieties, and worries if you want (you’re going to have them anyway, you are sinful and corrupt remember?!) But as Jesus gives you grace (and He does and will share grace with you!), embrace that he is having faith for you and keep “mowing the grass” of life in His confidence!

A long time ago, the Father planned for you to be Adopted and lifted up into His Relationship in Jesus Christ! 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ literally lifted you up with all of humanity up into this relationship that He shares with His Father in the Spirit, in His ascension! You Have ALWAYS been the child the Father always wanted from the day you were born, no matter who you are, and you are seated in the heavenly places with God in Jesus!! (Ephesians 1:3-15, and 2:4-10!!!) .

Yes, the Father Son and Spirit Like you Very, Very MUCH! In fact, God the Trinity Loves You MORE than He Loves Himself as the One True God!!! And if you cannot have faith in this true fact right now, it’s okay! Jesus is still standing in for you and having faith for you….REMEMBER?!!!

Have faith IN HIM, in Jesus, and in His ability to share it with you, given enough time!!! Look at Who He is! Look at the imaginative world he created, the cosmos, and let this be a sign to you that He is a Relational and Creative Genius Who can win you into embracing Him and His faith on your behalf!


12 Responses to Stop Worrying! Jesus is Having Faith For You!

  1. Dyann says:

    Thanks, Pastor!!!

    This is the kind of stuff that really makes the Gospel GOOD NEWS!!

  2. Timothy Brassell says:

    You’re Welcome! Yes, the Good News is really the Good News!

  3. Barrington Turgott says:

    Thanks for this insightful Blog. Faith vs Works is one of the issues that I have had a hard time understanding. I think I can wrap my mind around your explanation of the faith that God expects us to have. Can you please comment on “Works” in a future blog. Specifically, on our being rewarded according to our works (Rev 22:12). This seems to imply that the quality/magnitude/extent of the ward will vary according to what we feeble humans do.

  4. Timothy Brassell says:


    Glad you found some clarity and relief in this blog post! My next post will clarify the subject of “Works” (as you suggested) in the Light of Who Jesus is! Thanks for the idea!

  5. jerome7helen says:

    Awesome post, Pastor Tim! I loved the analogy of your daughter “mowing the grass.” It all comes down to letting God be what He is – BIGGER than we ever “allowed” Him to be before! And what’s wrong with that? Praise You, Lord!


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  7. David says:

    Good stuff Pastor!

  8. […] In contrast, much of the enthusiasm around the Todd Bentley happenings is centering around the false idea that you can ONLY know FOR SURE that the conference is of God because of the miraculous experiences people are having. Of course, that in turn has a way of making people think that God must not be with them because such miraculous things aren’t happening to them or to their churches. That kind of thinking then leads people to thinking that they don’t have the faith that God “requires” and they begin a herculean effort to muster up more faith through various spiritual disciplines OR, at worst, decide to give up on God entirely because they know they can never have the perfect faith that pleases Him! Yikes! (For more clear thinking on biblical faith in the Light of Who Jesus Christ is, see this post – QUICKLY!!!!!) […]

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  10. If only I had a penny for each time I came to Great article!

  11. Cristina says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us. It is awe-inspiring. It lifts me up and truly makes me feel how I need to have more faith in God the Father through Jesus Christ.

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